Hydraulic power packs

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From fun-fair rides to workshop lifting platforms and also machine tools or plastics machinery – their operation always requires a hydraulic power pack. Only the high energy density of hydraulic machinery offers the highest forces at the lowest possible size.

The system pressure is read from a pressure gauge. Liquid-filled models are easily readable and unaffected by vibration.

The continuous recording and maintenance of the system and control pressures is monitored by pressure switches or sensors. The PSD-4 electronic pressure switch offers a combination of switching output, analogue output and an LED display which also offers good readability in dark mounting sites. Mechanical damping of the pressure port protects the sensor element from pressure spikes.

The monitoring of the fill level in the hydraulic oil tank can signal oil deficiencies before the pump starts to suck in air.

With our temperature monitoring of the hydraulic oil, critical conditions can be identified early and the operational time for the oil can be extended.

Special requirements at the point of usage have been considered with our product development. For example, WIKA instruments work reliably in the gondola of a wind turbine and offer approvals for specific operating conditions or installation locations (e. g. ATEX).