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To an increasing extent, hydraulically and pneumatically powered drive elements are getting replaced with a combination of electric motors and mechanical thrust units. Indirect force measurement via the control pressure is no longer possible here.

WIKA makes the integration of the (now necessary) direct force measurement into the drive chain particularly easy for you, from miniature transducers for often limited installation space to precision force sensors. For this, the sensor can be mounted on the motor, in the middle of the line or at the press-in point itself.

Industry 4.0 and IIoT also present themselves in force measurement, with the move from indicating measuring instruments to electronic sensors. A team of specialists is available for you for special solutions.

Application examples

  • Measuring the axial force on electric friction presses to control the mating forces
  • Monitoring of overload protection in lifting cylinders
  • Force measurement in electromechanical servo spindle drives
  • Force measurement on punches and presses
  • Force measurement on welding tongs