Lubrication systems

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Lubrication systems with lubricating grease or oil minimize friction and wear. They improve the machine reliability and service life of all moving parts and bearings, reducing corrosion and lowering downtime.

WIKA measurement technology enables lubrication with the right quantity at exactly the right point. For this, recording the system pressure is a basic prerequisite. To ensure that the desired quantity of the lubricant is actually provided – and that no outlets are blocked – it is advisable to install a flow measuring instrument.

Your advantage: The consumption is optimised and thus also lubricant costs and environmental compatibility.

The level monitoring in the reservoir ensures uninterrupted lubrication. This can be carried out through visual inspection or automatically – for example, if the reservoir is mounted out-of-sight – with a level sensor or switch.

If the lubrication system is exposed to wind and weather, low ambient temperatures can lead to a lubricant viscosity that is too high. Here, there should be heating of the reservoir. Its control uses the measuring signal of a temperature switch (monitoring of limit values) or a temperature probe (continuous temperature measurement). Our RLS-3000 float switch offers the special feature of level and temperature measurement combined into a single instrument.