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All moving parts of a windmill require reliable lubrication. The lubricant pressure is monitored by sensors or pressure switches, as well as the level and temperature. The rotor blade adjustment and the alignment of the nacelle to the wind, but also safety functions such as the disc brakes or the maintenance bolts, are carried out hydraulically, driven by a hydraulic power pack.

Despite often very low temperatures at the head of the wind power plant, the waste heat, e.g. of the generator and power electronics, requires air conditioning. WIKA offers suitable sensors for measuring the room temperature and for operating the refrigeration units.

Gas extinguishing systems suppress any fire occurring. For this, pressure gauges or pressure switches ensure that the extinguishing system is ready for use, they monitor the pressure in the gas cylinders and report any critical pressure drops.

Thanks to their modular structure, windmills have numerous threaded connections that can be loosened by the strong vibrations. To monitor the tightening torques, WIKA has developed ring force transducers that are installed between the screw head and the support.

Mechanically, the rotor blades are very stressed. Strain sensors can detect material changes at an early stage.